Sri Lanka

First Impressions of Sri Lanka

January 21, 2012 Jack 0

From the moment the cloud cleared to expose a glistening, green, palm tree covered landscape the excitement rose to the point where I almost laughed hysterically out loud… […]


Monsoons and Camping Safari in Sri Lanka

April 30, 2011 Jack 0

There hadn’t been a drop of rain on the plains for three months, so it was serious bad luck that fifteen minutes into our Sri Lanka safari we were up to our knees in water and battling against driving monsoon rains […]

Food and drink

Food in Sri Lanka, Potato & Green Bean Curry

April 10, 2011 Jack 0

The potato and green bean curry dished up was much milder than the average madras. It had a very distinctive flavour (slightly roasted) that was quite different from the flavours of sauces from other areas of India. […]

No Picture

Sri Lanka

March 10, 2011 Andy 3

Formerly known as Ceylon and oft referred to as Serendib from the word serendipity – the accidental discovery of something good – the gem shaped island of Sri Lanka rises in a vast palm grove […]


Oruwa Fishing Boats

March 24, 2011 Andy 0

The Oruwa is the traditional Sri Lanka fishing sailing vessel used by the Sinhalese fishermen on the western and southwestern coasts of the island. The only place where Oruwa fishing boats are still used in in any number is in the fishing village of Negombo […] […]