Callipygian is a word, 100,000 is a number – We know which we prefer. Numbers are nice but quality content is king.

Who are we?
Andrea and Jack Montgomery – committed to writing quality content with a passion about the things we love to do and sometimes the things we’re coerced into doing (jumping out of a plane comes to mind here).

On Buzz Trips we cover a wide range of topics from food and drink to cultural, luxury to budget and beach bumming to adventure – basically we’ll have a go at anything. However, our main speciality is hiking & dining.

Are we Travel Bloggers or Travel Writers?
The simple answer is we have our feet in both camps. We have our own travel blogs and we write for corporate travel blogs but we also write articles and provide photographs for print newspapers, magazines and guidebooks.

We don’t write for fellow travel writers or bloggers, we write for everyone who is interested in visiting a destination. Tourism is not a dirty word. Each day we answer emails from people interested in visiting destinations we write about.

Our Travel Blogs & Who our Market is
We own a series of travel websites; all aimed at people who like to wallow in the culture of the places they visit whether they’re discerning tourists, savvy travellers or backpackers.

We especially target the sort of people we used to be; people who work hard and like to recharge their batteries by doing something different and exciting when they take a holiday.

All our blogs are mainly read by college/university educated people aged 35-55.

Buzz Trips chronicles our world travels, focussing especially on activity holidays and food and drink. The Real Tenerife is in depth and destination specific whilst Walking Tenerife focusses on, no surprises, hiking related themes.

How do we know who visits our websites? I’ve just deleted 8,000 emails in my inbox from our readers.

Following Visits to Destinations we Write:

Destination guidesThere’s no better way to get to know a place than to hoof it around the streets, making regular ‘refreshment’ stops and talking to any interesting characters en route. We put in the leg work to discover the little things as well as the biggies so we can produce comprehensive guides to what to do & see and where to shop, eat and party.

Experiential ArticlesWhether something wowed us, made us laugh, cry, smile, scream or curse like a trooper, we tell it how it is.

About ActivitiesNew experiences are the spice of life. We try anything within reason and then write about it… as long as we survive.

Restaurant & Food Reviews
Under the belief that no chef actually intends to poison us, we eat anything placed in front of us. We’re foodies; we love all good food so our reviews are honest, informed and heartfelt.

Hotel & Accommodation Reviews We expect 5 star service in a 5 star hotel and 2 star service in a 2 star one. Our hotel reviews are fair but truthful.

Travel TipsIf there’s anything we pick up that will make life easier for others, we’ll share it.

QuirksWe like to write about those undefinable moments/things that make travel such a joy.

PhotographyPictures sell. All blogs are accompanied by high quality photography.

Original blogs/articles are published not only our own websites but also on the sites of travel companies we work regularly with.

On Buzz Trips you won’t find articles written by us about places we haven’t visited. Experience is Essential.

Who We Write For – Online

The Telegraph – Destination expert for Tenerife for the leading UK newspaper, The Telegraph. – as well as writing travel blogs for online travel company Sunshine’s main travel blog, we manage a Tenerife specific blog which involves commissioning other travel bloggers.

Inntravel – we are walking route checkers, destination advisers and bloggers for specialist activities holiday company Inntravel whom we work in partnership with on some trips.

Other Travel Companies
– we provide travel blogs covering a range of topics and destinations for UK travel companies such as Cosmos and Monarch.

Who We Write For – Print
Our articles and photographs have been published in various newspapers and magazines including:

The Independent
Traveller Magazine
Thomas Cook
Easy Jet
Club 18-30

Destination Guides
We’ve authored three guidebooks and a series of walking routes as well as contributing to two more guides (Frommers, DK Guides) on a sub-contracted basis.

Our own guidebooks and walking routes have been sold to people in over 30 countries around the world.

Statistics Corner

26,000 monthly visitors (Buzz Trips). 76,000 total monthly visitors on our three travel sites. (August 2014).

62,000 monthly visitors (Buzz Trips) 183,000 page views on our three travel sites. (August 2014).

9915 Twitter followers – We love Twitter but despair at the number of people who buy followers. We build our followers only through interaction across targeted accounts.

1552 Facebook connections.

Over 1 million views on flickr photographs: – We like flickr because it has a wide audience that spreads beyond the travel blogging world.

Kred and Klout – We’ve got decent scores and we’ll happily tell anyone what they are. But the truth is we believe they mean absolutely nothing in terms of influence.

Pinterest & Instagram – both these social media channels are fun and look great. But until someone convinces us they are used practically by ordinary Joes planning their holidays we’ll continue to concentrate on actually writing. We’ve got accounts on both as well as YouTube.

Why Work with Us?

Our writing is like a friend telling someone what a place is like (not our words).

Anyone who works with us is rewarded with high quality, original and compelling blogs and articles.

We understand business objectives.

We are experienced in management techniques, interviewing and social media and have a business background that includes high level project management and training which means we fully understand the importance of ROI.

We are professional in what we do and subsequently like to work with people who have the same ethos.


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