Zadar -A City Guide to this Croation Surprise

ZadarGuardian to around 300 islands nestling off its coastline; located in easy reach of six national parks, and site of a beautiful, old walled city whose charms rival that of its sibling city of Dubrovnik but without the hordes of day trippers, Zadar is one of Croatia’s best kept secrets. [Read More]


Review of Hotel Podstine, Hvar

Built as a private residence, Hotel Podstine has none of the over-styled anonymity of large hotel chains and all of the character, individuality and informality of a family owned business... [Read More]

Driving on Croatia

Far below in the distance we could see a ferry moored alongside the quay and a row of vehicles slowly disappearing into its hull, like voluntary Jonahs into a whale. On instinct my foot pressed harder onto the accelerator but it was a futile gesture and we watched helplessly as the ferry slowly pulled away from the quay... [Read More]

Apartments Amico, Zadar

Apartments Amico is in a great position a couple of minutes from Maestro Bay. In one direction it’s about a 10 minute walk to the Zadar boatman who ferry you across to the old town. In the other it’s 15 minutes to the beach... [Read More]