Popular Alcoholic Drinks in Sri Lanka

Apart from sampling the local cuisine, part of the fun when travelling to new destinations involves also trying out the local firewater [Read More…]

The Rock Fortress of Sigiriya

Located in in the North Central Province, approximately a 3 hour drive from Colombo, Sigiriya rises to [Read more]

A fishing centre and former Dutch stronghold on the coast just 10km north of the airport, Negombo was originally a cinnamon town where the spice was grown and cultivated widely. When the spice industry declined, fishing became its mainstay. the town achieved its main growth as a trading port for the Portuguese and the Dutch, remnants of whom exist in the town’s architecture, place names, the Dutch canal which runs through the town and the remains of the Dutch Fort.

A further legacy of the Portuguese occupation of the town is its catholicism and almost the entire population are Christian, most of them Catholics. St Mary’s Church on Grand Street is one of the most ornate you’ll find anywhere on the island and its ostentation sits in stark contrast to the poverty of the people who flock to its services every Sunday.

For Buzztrips, one of Negombo’s enduring beauties is its endless golden beaches and wonderful sunsets enjoyed at a beach bar with a gin and tonic in hand; a sundown throw back to Colonial times.

Buzz Trips opinion

Most people only use Negombo as a stepping stone between the airport and their holiday destination and vice versa, but to only spend a night here is to miss out on the chance to savour some real fishing village culture. The old Dutch Fort, the crumbling and monolithic cemetery straight from Thriller and the canal tow path are great places to explore. Don’t be put off by the beach vendors and touts, they’re only trying to make a living and will accept a polite but firm “no”. On the other hand, there are some fabulous sarongs to be bartered over.

Buzz Experience

Head down to the beach early morning to watch the fishermen unloading the catch and auctioning the fish on the beach. This is no tourist-designed event, the fishermen work hard and selling the daily catch is their livlihood. You’ll vie for space with the flies and the whiff will stay with you all day but you’ll see some amazing specimens of the deep and a snapshot of ordinary Sri Lankan life.


Jetwing Beach Hotel, Negombo

A beautiful, boutique hotel on the outskirts of Negombo town where consummate good taste meets Sri Lankan simplicity in an oasis of calm. This is no budget hotel for someone looking for cheap accommodation near the airport [Read More]

Buzz Meal: Lord’s Restaurant

It's difficult to miss this restaurant/art gallery/animal sanctuary that looks like it was built by a gay cabaret act on acid. The restaurant is laid out around an ornamental pond and out the back is Martin's collection of rescued strays. Neither the strays nor the pond occupants end up on the menu which is as creative as the surroundings and presented with flair bordering on madness. Good portions, friendly service, great ambience.
80 B Poroutha Road, Etthukala, Negombo; (0094) 777234721 Lord's Restaurant

Buzz Read: Anil’s Ghost

In Anil's Ghost, the celebrated Sri Lankan author of The English Patient takes us on a troubled journey through a paradise racked by civil turmoil - his homeland. Presented through the eyes of the novel's heroine, Anil Tissera, a forensic anthropologist who returns as part of a United Nations investigation team to a Sri Lanka she left 15 years earlier, the terrifying consequences of civil war unfold over the course of the novel.[Read More...]