Costa Brava

El Bulli Restaurant, In Ferran We Trust

July 31, 2011 Jack 4

Ferran Adriá approaches the chef in front of me. He inserts the tip of a pair of tweezers into what looks like a miniature uncooked egg with a pea instead of yolk. He tastes it, says something to the chef and smiles. I feel relieved on the chef’s behalf. […]


Citizenship in Benidorm

July 26, 2011 Andy 1

The windows of Benidorm Town Hall have the names of every citizen resident in the town at the time the building was constructed, etched into the glass. […]


Guadalest, Spain’s Hidden Castle

July 26, 2011 Andy 0

“Where’s the castle?” asked the woman as she arrived, breathless, at the top of the turret of Alcozaiba – the iconic bell tower of the Castell de Guadalest.
“It’s not here. There are just some more steps and then nothing,” replied her husband.
And they’re not alone. All around us I can hear people asking how and where they get into the castle. […]


Food and Drink in Oviedo, Asturias

July 23, 2011 Jack 0

Cuisine and nightlife in Oviedo in Asturias tend to reflect the character of the city – hearty, lively and generous…very, very generous. As tourism is mainly of the Spanish variety, there are no tourist traps as such, just plenty of honest, down to earth eateries and sidrerías […]


The Best of What to See in Oviedo, Asturias

July 23, 2011 Jack 0

We’d recommend that you grab a map from the tourist office and just set off exploring the old town of Oviedo. There’s hardly a street that doesn’t have something of interest. But if we had to pick out our favourite spots, this is what they’d be. […]


The Benidorm Skyline

July 21, 2011 Andy 0

“That’s the Gran Hotel Bali and it’s the tallest building in Spain”, grins my taxi driver as we speed towards the mini Manhattan skyline on the horizon. […]