The Curious Tale of San Pedro’s Fish

August 31, 2011 Jack 0

Two things strike you when see the pez de San Pedro in fish markets in Costa Brava. The first is that as fish go, he’s a real loser in the looks department. This is one ugly fish… […]


Love-Locked in Benidorm

August 27, 2011 Andy 4

“These locks have been put here by lovers,” says Juan, pointing to what I had taken to be a piece of modern sculpture. “They write their names on the lock, seal it and then throw away the key. It symbolises the permanence of their love.” […]


The Sleeping Lion of Covadonga in Asturias

August 25, 2011 Jack 0

I had no idea where I was, but from the towering spires of a grandiose church, glowing golden in the sun’s last rays, it was obvious that this was no ordinary hamlet in the forest. This was, I was told in almost reverential tones by our guide, Covadonga.


Yangtse River Cruise Part 2, Life on the River

August 24, 2011 Jack 4

The weather was grim and the limestone cliffs rising up from the river were often shrouded in a grey mist that drained the colour from their slopes, whilst the waters swirled a murky brown. There were sampans on the river… […]


Inverness, Gateway to the Scottish Highlands

August 24, 2011 Andy 0

A bustling fusion of hilltop castle, cathedral spires, cosmopolitan dining and eclectic shopping, Inverness is a thriving, vibrant city which is easy to explore on foot in a day and the ideal base for discovering the Highlands. […]


Yangtse River Cruise Part 1, Arrival

August 21, 2011 Jack 1

It was a shocker of a night; I was wet and woozy, disoriented to the point of being dumb. All I knew was that a diminutive Chinese man was gesturing that I should follow him down a rather dark and threatening alley… […]


Food and Drink in Benidorm

August 21, 2011 Andy 0

As you’d expect with a resort the size and popularity of Benidorm, you can literally take your pick of menus from around the world. From fast food to gourmet, Argentinian to Thai and pinchos to paella there’s something to satisfy every palate. […]


Tasty Tapas in the Old Town of Benidorm

August 21, 2011 Andy 0

Anyone looking for an authentic taste of Spain in the popular tourist resort of Benidorm should head to the maze of narrow streets that run down from the 18th century Church of San Jaime and the Castillo, which form the area known as the old town. […]