Food and drink

5 Steps to Learning to Love Olives

November 24, 2011 Jack 2

All you need for this is an olive-hater, a bowl of olives (green preferably) and a crowd of onlookers who will be suitably amazed when this experiment is proven to work. […]


Trekking in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco

November 18, 2011 Andy 0

The intensity of the sun strengthens in direct relation to our ascent, and with continual worried glances over our shoulders for the non-appearance of our mule with our water supply, we ration sips from the small bottle to appease our parched throats. […]


Hotel Barceló Santiago, Puerto Santiago, Tenerife

November 13, 2011 Andy 2

Fronted by the neighbouring Canary Island of La Gomera which provides the stage for the sun’s nightly adieu performance, and occupying the best seats on the island for views of the monolithic cliffs of Los Gigantes, when it comes to fabulous Tenerife coastal vistas, the four star Hotel Barceló Santiago holds pole position. […]


Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey

November 13, 2011 Jack 1

The Grand Hotel Mencey is situated in a peach of a position beside Las Ramblas. Opposite is one of the highlights of Santa Cruz, Parque García Sanabria. It’s only a few minutes walk to the main shopping areas and about 20 minutes from the port. […]