Gran Canaria

Review of Rural Hotel Las Calas, Gran Canaria

July 24, 2012 Andy 0

Las Calas is the sort of place that makes you want to kick off your hiking boots, tuck your sketch pad and pencils under your arm and head barefoot to the lawn to sketch the tree festooned with coloured glass baubles… […]

Segway Tour in Tarragona

Touring Historic Tarragona on a Segway

July 18, 2012 Jack 0

But within a couple of minutes of tuition by Segway Tarragona I could spin that baby on a centimo, safely whizz past pedestrians closer than a barber gets to his client’s chin… […]

Ingredients for Green Curry Paste
Food and drink

Thai Green Curry Paste Recipe

July 16, 2012 Jack 2

To make a good green curry, you need a feisty green curry paste. If you aren’t fortunate enough to be anywhere that sells jars of the stuff, then we might just be able to help out. […]