Heady, Hay-on-Wye days at Brecon Jazz circa 1988
Travel Talk

The Time Traveller

January 18, 2013 Andy 0

Sometimes the smallest thing can trigger a memory so strong that for a moment you time travel, actually re-living an event the way you did at the time; an out of body experience that places you back in that foreign land… […]

Fabrica Moritz

24 Hours in Barcelona

January 15, 2013 Jack 1

Nearly every little bar and café looks inviting in Barcelona but start the day in opulent style at the café in the Palau de la Música Catalana… […]


A Whistle-Stop Tour of Granada

January 7, 2013 Jack 0

Granada, the great city of the Moors where the centuries have fashioned the architecture and culture with Romanesque, Moorish, Jewish, Gypsy and… […]