Dachstein Mountains, Austria

Snapshots, The Dachstein Mountains

August 27, 2014 Andy 0

I had walked amongst those peaks and learned of the legends that live within their stony silence. I had been charmed, challenged and chastised by their unforgiving terrain… […]


The Problem with Austrian Food

August 26, 2014 Jack 4

Words like ofenerdäpfel, kräuterrahm, röstkartofflen and faschiertelaibchen punched us relentlessly in the eyes. Desperately, and in vain, we tried to match… […]


Pepe and his Maracuya on La Gomera

August 24, 2014 Jack 2

Although we’re on a quiet path outside of Agulo, at that precise moment a man with a deeply tanned face framed by a snowy beard walks past carrying a bulging… […]