Mozart and the Art of Dining in Salzburg

September 3, 2014 Andy 0

When the aria was finished, the waiters brought the culinary overture to a dinner based on menus from the 18th century but with the benefit of contemporary preparation and presentation, not to mention fresh vegetables from Padre Prior’s garden… […]


Weekend Guide to Salzburg, Austria

August 4, 2014 Andy 0

Salzburg could appear to be the European city equivalent of Dickens’ Estella in Great Expectations – exquisitely beautiful yet cold and untouchable. But it isn’t… […]

At the Bar

At the Bar, Wein & Co, Salzburg

July 30, 2014 Jack 0

Wein & Co is a modern wine bar in the centre of Salzburg with a slightly Ikea pine furniture style. Seating is either outside, on curved benches along the wall… […]

Auersperg Hotel, Salzburg, Austria

Review of Hotel Auersperg in Salzburg

July 20, 2014 Andy 1

The difference between a good hotel room and a WOW one is having something that sets it apart from every other, homogeneous design. In the case of the Hotel Auersperg it was a poster of the Rat Pack on the door of the mini bar…