Carrieres de Lumieres - Journeys Around the Mediterranean

Lasting Impressions of Carrières de Lumières in Provence

October 9, 2013 Andy 0

I am a figure on a Monet canvas, my world exists at the whim of the Master’s brush. To my left lie the water lilies, their violet and sapphire hues flooding the room as the walls, floor and ceiling rush in a tide of brush strokes and crescendo to the sound of Debussy’s Clair de Lune. […]

Le Picnic in Brittany

Exploring Brittany With Le Picnic

February 26, 2013 Andy 0

Brittany’s Rance estuary affords endless opportunities for al fresco dining as around every bend in the road it seems, another stretch of water lends itself to a view worthy of idling an afternoon away with a glass of Bordeaux and a piece of brie. […]