An Awakening in The Black Forest

November 16, 2015 Andy 0

From wooden cottages whose roofs bow low to the ground in defiance of the weight of impending winter’s snow, thin columns of white smoke spiral into the sky, perfuming the air… […]


The Colours of the Black Forest

November 12, 2015 Jack 1

“So, is it black?” Our neighbour wasn’t the first person to ask the question after hearing I’d just spent two weeks walking through Germany’s immense Black Forest. […]


Grainau and the Mermaid in the Lake

September 8, 2015 Jack 0

We’d crossed gorges, been questioned by the police and braved waterfalls to walk from Austria to Germany and one thing was stopping us from reaching our destination. […]

Hotel Torbrau, Munich

Review of Historic, Hotel Torbrau in Munich

September 8, 2014 Andy 0

Despite its history as the city centre’s oldest hotel, a constant buzz of activity gives the place a hip feel which, combined with its contemporary décor, laid back style and brilliant staff, create the perfect city base… […]