Inverness, Gateway to the Scottish Highlands

August 24, 2011 Andy 0

A bustling fusion of hilltop castle, cathedral spires, cosmopolitan dining and eclectic shopping, Inverness is a thriving, vibrant city which is easy to explore on foot in a day and the ideal base for discovering the Highlands. […]

Great Britain

The Magical Creatures of Blackmuir Wood in Strathpeffer

August 9, 2011 Jack 1

The lilac grasses in front of us rustled and swayed with just a bit more vigour than if the movement had been caused by a gentle summer’s breeze. It was enough to draw our eyes to a vision that stopped us dead in our tracks and stole the breath from our bodies. […]

Great Britain

A Taste of Urban Grit – Glasgow in Photos

August 5, 2011 Jack 0

Mad, bad and dangerous to know. That’s what I thought about Glasgow growing up ‘doon the water’ in Rothesay. It always felt as though there was an undercurrent of violence simmering just beneath the surface… […]


Strathpeffer, a Scottish Enigma

August 3, 2011 Andy 3

Wandering through Glasgow I’d come across a replica of Dr Who’s Tardis. Arriving at the little spa town of Strathpeffer, I wondered if I’d accidentally stepped inside the iconic time machine… […]


A Taste of Urban Grit, Manchester in Photos

August 2, 2011 Jack 1

There is beauty in the beast. It might not always be obvious but it is there in the twinkling neon reflections in an oil stained puddle at the kerb or in the soot blackened red bricks of old industrial factories whose… […]


One Night in Glasgow

July 17, 2011 Andy 4

It’s not enough time. A week would be needed to even begin to do justice to this, “the most perfect Victorian city in the World” as Sir John Betjeman described Glasgow. But it’s all we’ve got and the clock is ticking… […]