Travel Cheats

September 9, 2015 Andy 0

I can’t help feeling like a cheat and wondering if the ease of my getting here hasn’t in some way diminished the achievement of those who have risked so much to stand where I am standing… […]


The Swiss Face of Lake Maggiore

February 27, 2015 Andy 0

As we drove further north, I began to fear for the beauty of the lake in whose company I had spent so much time. Had the Mediterranean spirit of its Italian meanderings been lost to the Alpine discipline of its Swiss shores? […]


The Joy Of Travelling Around Switzerland

May 5, 2014 Andy 0

As I glide across this country, through landscapes whose beauty defies every superlative in my vocabulary, I contemplate whether the Swiss watch industry was born of the nation’s obsession with punctuality, or vice versa… […]


City Guide to Lucerne, Switzerland

November 23, 2013 Andy 1

Birthplace of the Swiss Confederation, home to 60,000 inhabitants and host to around 5 million visitors a year, Lucerne’s easy blend of cosmopolitan present and historic past makes it a brilliant city break destination. […]