Quinta de la Rosa, Douro, Portugal
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Travel writing & restaurant reviews

May 16, 2022 Jack 0

Do travel writers get free meals in restaurants? The short answer to that is yes, of course they do otherwise nobody but the very well-off could ever afford to be travel writers. […]

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10 ways to tell if you are a foodie

February 8, 2022 Jack 0

There are many various views on what constitutes being a foodie, but what most people in the food business agree about is what doesn’t.
It doesn’t mean someone who likes food and who likes to eat a lot. […]

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Why eat out in a restaurant?

January 4, 2022 Jack 0

There can be inverse snobbery at play when it comes to Michelin star cuisine. It’s often described and dismissed as fancy or pretentious by people who prefer their food to be conventional. […]

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A different take on that Bros review

December 13, 2021 Jack 3

Last week, The Everywhereist’s review ridiculing the restaurant (not the 80s boy band) Bros in Lecce went viral on social media and was subsequently shared by numerous mainstream news publications. Instead of joining the vocal […]

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The problem with vegetarian food

April 26, 2021 Jack 0

I know a lot of people who balk at the idea of vegetarian food, as if the very mention of might be contagious. Maybe they’re worried the next time they bite into a meaty fillet their taste-buds will have become infected and the flavours will disgust rather than delight? […]

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The Hiker’s Picnic

March 17, 2021 Jack 0

It doesn’t matter whether hiking in Spain or Portugal, Italy or Austria, the filling you’ll find in the picnic made by the hotel is likely to be the same … […]

Salt cod in Porto, Portugal
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Creative cuisine is working class art

October 5, 2020 Jack 0

My favourite part of the hotel was the kitchen, a volatile place where big personalities added expletives and threats to an air filled with the aroma of uninventive dishes destined for the unadventurous palates of coach excursionists from England. […]

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The problem with recommending restaurants

July 13, 2020 Jack 0

In the words of the great Jim Morrison, people are strange… or they can be when it comes to food. As well as having very contrasting likes and dislikes, folk have very personal foibles, all of which makes recommending restaurants somewhat of a lottery. […]