Travel Talk

Why Do Some Travel Bloggers Hate Tourists?

March 19, 2012 Jack 4

I had to read the line twice. ”I didn’t want to be dancing alongside a bunch of tourists…’ Eleven words that highlight the quite bizarre snobbery occasionally found in travel writing and blogging. […]

Food and drink

How To Know When You Can Trust Restaurant Reviews

March 12, 2012 Jack 2

Many, many restaurant reviews are written purely from an extremely subjective viewpoint and that negates their value. But how do you identify the ones you can trust? In some ways it’s easier to be able to identify those you can’t.

Travel Talk

On The Road with James Parkin, Senior Producer BBC Radio 3

January 16, 2012 Andy 2

World Routes is on a mission to travel to the far-flung corners of the planet to document and, in its own small way, preserve endangered musical traditions. We interview BBC Radio 3 Senior Producer James Parkin to find out about life on the World Routes road… […]