Dreamy Mljet National Park in Pictures

We’ve not written a lot about Mljet in Croatia. Not much happened when we were there.

But why not write about a destination because nothing much happens? Especially when that is precisely part of the charm. We walked a lot, we sighed a lot, we soaked up surroundings that were Garden of Eden beautiful.

It exists in my mind like a hazy dream.

The View

Pomena, Mljet, Croatia
Our hotel, the Odisej, felt as though it was still a bit of a throwback to Eastern bloc days, a wee bit out of time. Not a disaster, but not as good as other places we’d stayed in Croatia. From our balcony we did, however, have this view across the little bay in Pomena.

Bobbing Boats

Floating fishing boat, Pomena, Mljet, Croatia
I visualise Mljet and I see lakes of clear, clear water with boats floating on them. Simple as that.

Forest Walks

Forest Walks, Mljet, Croatia
Even walking in Mljet doesn’t seem to require much effort. Walk out of the hotel and into the forest where easy tracks lined by flowers weave through Aleppo pines to lakes and villages.

Golden Sunsets

Golden Sunset, Pomena, Mljet, Croatia
As pretty as the sun sets as it is in daylight hours. Everything about Mljet just seems to say ‘slow down and enjoy the views’.

Calm Water

As well as being pure and clear, the water in Veliko Jezero and Mali Jezera is the most mesmerizing shade of green.

More Bobbing Boats

Malo Jezera, Pomena, Mljet, Croatia
The woodland path from Pomena to Polace skirts Mali Jezera, dropping down to the lake where there are benches, coves and, of course, bobbing boats.


Pot plant, Polace, Mljet, Croatia
There are Roman ruins on one side, an idyllic inlet on another and a goat with attitude on yet another. But I liked the simple beauty of this tin pot in Polace.

The Island on a Lake

SV Marija, Veliko Jezero, Mljet, Croatia
An island on a lake with a 12th century monastery on it. Boats run regularly to SV Marija where there is a little café to enjoy a sandwich and a beer before a stroll around the island, which doesn’t take very long.

A Bug’s Life

A Bugs Life, Mljet, Croatia
As well as a lot of bobbing boats, there are also some pretty impressive bugs on Mljet. Not creepy crawlie ones, more ones that would look good as loveable main characters in a Pixar movie.

Picturesque Polace

Clear water, Polace, Mljet, Croatia
And finally Polace – a quaint village with Roman ruins surrounded by lush forest and lapped by emerald water. I couldn’t really talk about such a scenic spot as Polace and then only show a picture of flower in a tin pot.

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