Quesadilla, a speciality of El Hierro not Mexico

What do you mean a quesadilla isn’t a tortillas filled with cheese?

Obviously it is… if you’re in Mexico.

If you happen to be on the Canary Island of El Hierro it is something completely different.

Quesadilla, El Hierro

One of the things on our tick list of things to see, do or try on El Hierro was to notch up at least one quesadilla; a popular traditional dessert made from queso fresco (fresh cheese), lemon, sugar, eggs, flour and aniseed.

I was surprised to learn that aniseed is one of the ingredients as I didn’t get a taste of aniseed at all.

Some people add honey and/or cinnamon but the one and only we eventually tried was of the traditional variety without any add ons.

It’s a simple cake that manages to be both quite dense to the touch yet light on the palate that goes down far too well when accompanied by a cup of strong coffee.

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