A wake up call, pondering mornings on the trail

May 11, 2020 Jack 0

Pull on a pair of hiking boots in the morning and an anticipatory thrill zings through the laces at the thought of what unexpected treasures lie ahead on whatever dirt track/forest path/rocky road leads into a promising distance. […]

El Hierro

The Lost Piglets of El Hierro

September 15, 2014 Jack 0

I don’t know what we’d expected when the 4×4 drew level with us on the dirt track in the hills on El Hierro, but it wasn’t a question about piglets. […]


Monsoons and Camping Safari in Sri Lanka

April 30, 2011 Jack 0

There hadn’t been a drop of rain on the plains for three months, so it was serious bad luck that fifteen minutes into our Sri Lanka safari we were up to our knees in water and battling against driving monsoon rains […]