Atlas Mountains

Lunch on the Run in Hiking and Dining Destinations

January 21, 2016 Jack 0

When we put together walking routes, there are certain ingredients which make a trail memorable. These include scenery with the impact of an uppercut, curios along the way (the odder the better) and, vitally important, a homely hostel… […]


Travel Cheats

September 9, 2015 Andy 0

I can’t help feeling like a cheat and wondering if the ease of my getting here hasn’t in some way diminished the achievement of those who have risked so much to stand where I am standing… […]

Dachstein Mountains, Austria

Snapshots, The Dachstein Mountains

August 27, 2014 Andy 0

I had walked amongst those peaks and learned of the legends that live within their stony silence. I had been charmed, challenged and chastised by their unforgiving terrain… […]