César Manrique, Made in Lanzarote

April 3, 2012 Andy 1

Like the creator of his own Universe, Manrique’s hand is in the very landscape of Lanzarote; the uniform, low, white buildings that stand against the black, volcanic terrain like images from an old scrap book of some distant, African land… […]

Gran Canaria

A Different View of the Canary Islands

March 17, 2012 Jack 0

Tacky, touristy and terrible if you’re a discerning traveller. Anyone who still believes that about The Canary Islands has either been going to the wrong bits or needs to change what paper/blogs they read. […]


The Desert Island of La Graciosa

July 21, 2011 Jack 3

It’s strange the nonsense that can pop into your head, but the first reaction my brain had to the vision of the ruddy volcanic cone rising above a strip of pale golden sand was to play Bali Ha’i from musical South Pacific. […]