Beach Holidays

Beaches are best out of season

March 7, 2018 Jack 0

Back in the days when we were suited nine to fivers we always booked holidays for late May/early June and then again around September/October. Colleagues with children, understandably, had first choice at the summer months, […]


Visions of Camargue

November 12, 2014 Jack 0

It’s a dangerous place Camargue. Full of dangerous gypsies, fleeing scientists, untrustworthy gastronomes and the occasional British spy… […]

Saintes Maries de la Mer, Camargue, France

The Gypsy Spirit of Saintes Maries de la Mer

January 21, 2014 Andy 0

Scents of the gastronomic specialities of the region assail visitors from every side as you stroll through narrow streets lined with whitewashed shops, beneath the constant gaze of the Romanesque steeple of L’Eglise de Saintes Maries. […]