There’s no guarantee you’ll like this travel destination

January 23, 2019 Jack 0

There’s history as rich as anywhere, Roman ruins, golden beaches, forests, plains, scenic ridges, Moorish castles, traditional towns, sprawling vineyards, more gastronomic specialities than you’d find in a trendy London deli, the people are exceedingly friendly, and there’s the Virgin Mary on a giant mule. […]

Encantadora Dam, Vallehermoso, La Gomera
La Gomera

A Guide To Vallehermoso on La Gomera

June 3, 2012 Jack 0

Vallehermoso is a sleepy rural town below the imposing Roque Cano that is surrounded by tiny agricultural terraces, towering peaks and a landscape ripe for exploration on foot. […]

Food and drink

A Taste of Spice, The Killer Mojos of La Gomera

April 25, 2012 Jack 0

I’ve eaten them more times than I can remember; so many times in fact that the act of spreading the rich red or glistening green paste on the obligatory bread in Canarian restaurants has become an almost subconscious semi-automated act. […]