El Hierro
El Hierro

El Hierro, Hiking At The Edge Of The World

June 13, 2015 Andy 0

Before Columbus stocked the Santa Maria with supplies from the neighbouring island of La Gomera and set sail on his atlas-changing voyage, the wild and remote Canary Island of El Hierro was the very edge of the Ancient World… […]

El Hierro

The Lost Piglets of El Hierro

September 15, 2014 Jack 0

I don’t know what we’d expected when the 4×4 drew level with us on the dirt track in the hills on El Hierro, but it wasn’t a question about piglets. […]

Wild Juniper (Sabine) trees of El Hierro
El Hierro

The Surreal Sabine Trees of El Hierro

February 21, 2014 Andy 3

At first there’s just one, perfectly arched trunk, its naked, twisted and seemingly dead branches stretching along the ground before blossoming into unexpected leafiness… […]