Cape Verde

Footfalls to the Future, the Art of Walking

January 13, 2016 Andy 0

When you’re walking long distances, your feet find their own rhythm, allowing your mind and ears to fall in step so that the act of putting one foot in front of another becomes a vehicle for your thoughts… […]

Coastal path, Buenavista, Tenerife

Tenerife Coastal Walks

December 3, 2014 Andy 0

At the end of summer we re-walked three of our coastal routes in a day and were reminded once again just how diverse and beautiful Tenerife’s coastline can be… […]


The Best Places for Walking on Tenerife

November 3, 2011 Andy 1

Think of walking in the Canary Islands and most people will automatically name La Gomera as the number one destination and Tenerife would be lucky if it got onto the list at all. Yet, move inland and away from the purpose built resorts of Tenerife and you’ll find an island whose variety of landscapes and terrain far outweigh that of its quiet neighbour. […]