Top Things to do in Benidorm

August 18, 2011 Andy 2

Tempting though it may be to spend your entire holiday moving between the sun soaked beaches of Playas Levante and Poniente, and the fun filled Avenidas D’Alcoi and Madrid, somewhere in between a golden tan and saddle bag brown there’s a different world waiting to be discovered. This is my pick of the best of that world: […]


Low Cost Festival 2011, Friday Night and the Beat Goes On

August 2, 2011 Andy 0

It’s half past midnight in Benidorm and it’s hot and sticky as I stand front of stage where Catpeople have just started their set. The post-punk, Indie revival band are greeted with rapturous applause from the crowds as they turn in a polished and tight performance that sets the bar high for the impressive line-up to come. […]