Strathpeffer, Scottish HighlandsLying in Ross and Cromartie in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, four miles west of Dingwall, Strathpeffer is something of an enigma to the Highlands. The hamlet began life in the mid 18th century when the Reverend Colin McKenzie decided to fence off the sulpherous spring which came up on his land…[Read More]


A Sunday Stroll Around Ullapool

One of the first things that strikes me about Ullapool, apart from its Local Hero location, is that every establishment seems to have won, or been short-listed for, some sort of an award... [Read More]

The Forgotten Scottish Island: Bute

For some reason Bute, one of Scotland’s most accessible, historic and interesting islands, has fallen from grace and doesn’t seem to get an invite when Scotland puffs out its chest proudly to boast about the beauty and romanticism of its islands... [Read More]

Checking in: Thistle Hotel, Glasgow

The consummate city centre hotel right in the heart of Glasgow’s shopping centre in easy reach of bus and rail connections. Modern style, comfort and a breakfast that it’s worth flying to Scotland just to enjoy... [Read More]