One of the biggest buzzes we get from travelling is being introduced to new food experiences. We’re as happy eating  jerk chicken in a shack as we are dining in splendour at the best restaurants in the world – it’s the experience and taste that matters to us. Stick a glass of vintage wine in front of us and we’ll gently swirl it , breathe in its heady aromas…and neck it. Place a glass of cashew feni in our hand and we’ll do the same; although in that case, probably accompanied by a grimace.

Basically we’ll eat and drink most things offered to us…and then write about them. As enthusiastic but amateurish cooks we also recreate favourite dishes from our travels, subsequently the Buzz Trips Food & Drink page not only includes restaurant reviews, information on popular local dishes and favourite tipples from the places we visit,  but also recipes we’ve successfully, or otherwise, test driven.

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