Lisbon's art boat

“You’ve got to visit Trafaria Praia, you go onto the boat and then you’re in the depths of the ocean… and it’s all embroidered.” [Read More]


On the Menu: Beer Garden Virgins in Salzburg

We clink our jugs together, say pröst and gulp down beer which is surprisingly smooth and sweet – far too drinkable. It makes me realise the lager I normally sup is no more than flavoured water... [Read More]

Travel Talk: Hikers and Bikers Don’t Mix

Round a narrow bend I’m suddenly confronted by three cyclists who are a hair’s breadth away from sending me flying. Their last second adjustments send clouds of dust into my eyes...[Read More]

Checking In: Hotel Torbrau, Munich

Despite being the city centre's oldest hotel, a constant buzz of activity gives Torbrau a hip feel which, combined with its contemporary décor, laid back style and brilliant staff, create the perfect city base... [Read More]