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Special Feature

The Destination


  • The Arrabida boots had a rather bizarre aspect to them; they were accompanied by bras. There were also some women’s knickers strewn around the dry grass beneath the tree. […]

Picture This

  • Drôme Provençale, although exhibiting many of the classic Provence ingredients, had a slightly different personality; one which was typically soft and beautiful in that dreamy Provence way, yet with a slightly wilder, more carefree edge. […]

Gastro-Hike Destination

  • With the food expectations bar set at a romantically reminiscent high, and walking expectations right up there with it, it was fitting that some thirty years after first awakening our taste buds, Scotland should receive pride of place as our first UK gastro-hiking destination… […]

On The Menu

Travel Talk

Local Flavours

Ten tasty hot sandwiches to try in Portugal

November 18, 2018 0

There are countries where finding something with a local flavour (no international fast food franchises allowed) to satisfy this yen can be problematic. Portugal isn’t one of them. […]

Checking In

Slow Travel Moment – Venice

  • From behind the façade of Caffè Florian, the strains of a philharmonic orchestra drift into the piazza lending the scene an ethereal romance. I’m already spellbound when the orchestra begins to play… […]

Life in another country

  • After 14 years in the Canary Islands we already knew about the important difference between Britain’s centrally heated houses and ones in (mostly) warmer climes with little or no heating. But we still weren’t prepared for the temperature drop between the Canaries and central Portugal. […]