Walking on Fuerteventura

It started in October 2013 after we posted a couple of photographs on facebook and commented what an amazing surprise the Canary Island of Fuerteventura was turning out to be….. [Read More]


On the Menu: Going Local at Konoba Ribar on Korcula

Despite having excellent sunsets and the stylish and comfy Hotel Korkyra, Vela Luka doesn’t have the charm of the town at the very other end of the island. It does have Konoba Ribar though... [Read More]

Travel Talk: Research Before Travelling

Modern travellers who don’t carry out even the most flimsiest of research before they travel because they want to have a pure experience (or whatever the reason is) are delusional...[Read More]

Checking In: Hotel Torbrau, Munich

Despite being the city centre's oldest hotel, a constant buzz of activity gives Torbrau a hip feel which, combined with its contemporary décor, laid back style and brilliant staff, create the perfect city base... [Read More]