Isola dei Pescatori, Lake Maggiore, ItalyWe don’t know where our hotel is, but on an island this size we don’t anticipate any problems finding it. The ferry docks and we’re welcomed to Isola dei Pescatori by a female ferry worker who wears her uniform with cocky aplomb…. [Read More]


On the Menu: Can you tell a good burger from a bad one?

Social media is the place to go for recommendations from travellers. But the reality is we don’t usually know personal preferences or weird little foibles when it comes to food... [Read More]

Travel Talk: Why we won’t be using Goldcar again

Arriving at the Goldcar office which is on an industrial estate a few minutes drive outside of the airport, I was told I had the option of a) paying €120 non-refundable insurance or b) handing over my credit card...[Read More]

Checking In: Pullman Hotel, Marseille Airport

The bar looks as though it should only be graced by the beautiful people and the restaurant is the sort of place you’d happily seek out in a fashionable part of a buzzing cosmopolitan city... [Read More]