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SPECIAL FEATURE: Lisbon v Porto – A City Break in Portugal


Portugal’s tourism is on the rise, and as a city break destination, its two great urban centres of Lisbon and Porto are shining beacons for European and trans-Atlantic visitors. Lisbon is Portugal’s most visited city and is well known as one of Europe’s top city destinations but Porto is hot on its heels in popularity and was named European Best Destination for the second time in 2014… [Read More]


Travel Talk: The Problem with Camera Bags

Over the last couple of years I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement camera rucksack which ticks all the boxes. Where nearly all the ones I’ve seen have failed is when it comes to ease of access... [Read More]

On the Menu: Making Excuses for not Liking Seafood

There are a number of reasons people give for not liking fish and seafood, but most don’t hold up very well under close scrutiny... [Read More]

Checking In: Why I Hate Some Hotel Beds

It had been a long, hard day’s hiking and we were ready to fall into bed. But we couldn’t. We couldn’t because the chambermaid had created a barrier which prevented us from doing so... [Read More]