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Quiet plaza, Segovia

Unsurprisingly Segovia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The entrance to the old town is located to one side of an astounding and beautiful feat of engineering, a Roman aquaduct dating from 50BC whilst the other side of the old quarter is bookended by the Alcázar, a Disney-esque fortress from around the 11th century. Between the two is a maze of streets, narrow alleys, plazas and gardens… [Read More]


Travel Talk: Pool Dweller or Culture Vulture?

“We’ve been working hard, so we’re just going to lie around the pool on this trip.”
There’s obviously an app which sells platitudes to people who need excuses why they choose to do nothing except lie on a sunlounger when they take a holiday.... [Read More]

On the Menu: Buying Cheese on Gran Canaria

Our trail took us up a narrow street lined with low cottages fronted by vines, roses and geraniums. Within moments we swapped buildings for the rolling pastoral lands which surround Fontanales... [Read More]

Checking In: Why I Hate Some Hotel Beds

It had been a long, hard day’s hiking and we were ready to fall into bed. But we couldn’t. We couldn’t because the chambermaid had created a barrier which prevented us from doing so... [Read More]