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Eagles Nest Viewpoint

The bus lurches around the endless hairpin bend as it rises ever higher up the sheer rock slope, its floor at a gravity-defying angle and its seats restraining the passengers who would otherwise be piled in a heap beneath the rear window. From my cliff side, front row seat, the road is hidden beneath the nose of the bus so my gaze is perpetually over an abyss that plunges alongside granite mountains, to the green valley floor below [Read More]


Travel Talk: Keeping Travel Photography Real

In a way I view some of the HD (high definition) used in travel photography as the modern day and more sophisticated successor to those oh-so-colourful photographs in holiday brochures.... [Read More]

On the Menu: 10 Tastes of Corsica

A soft cheese made from goat or ewe’s milk whey and boiled milk, Brocciu is Corsica’s national cheese and appears in pasta dishes, tarts and cheesecake (see Fiadone below). But when we were told there was also a Brocciu ice cream, it just had to be tried... [Read More]

Checking In: Why I Hate Some Hotel Beds

It had been a long, hard day’s hiking and we were ready to fall into bed. But we couldn’t. We couldn’t because the chambermaid had created a barrier which prevented us from doing so... [Read More]