Isola dei Pescatori, Lake Maggiore, ItalyWe don’t know where our hotel is, but on an island this size we don’t anticipate any problems finding it. The ferry docks and we’re welcomed to Isola dei Pescatori by a female ferry worker who wears her uniform with cocky aplomb…. [Read More]


On the Menu: Going Local at Konoba Ribar on Korcula

Despite having excellent sunsets and the stylish and comfy Hotel Korkyra, Vela Luka doesn’t have the charm of the town at the very other end of the island. It does have Konoba Ribar though... [Read More]

Travel Talk: Research Before Travelling

Modern travellers who don’t carry out even the most flimsiest of research before they travel because they want to have a pure experience (or whatever the reason is) are delusional...[Read More]

Checking In: La Campagne Berne, Provence

Idyllic. Two collies frolic on the lawn beneath a bank of sunny flowers whilst Eric and Bruno, owners of La Campagne Berne, welcome us with a tray of liqueurs served underneath dangling vines... [Read More]