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SPECIAL FEATURE: Taking a Day Trip to Sintra from Lisbon

View from Moorish Palace, Sintra, Portugal

Sintra was the place where the Visigoths built fortresses and the Moors started a trend of building flamboyant palaces. The lands where Portuguese aristocracy came for a bit of pampered R&R in surroundings where the scenery was nearly as sumptuous as the palaces they built. [Read More]


Travel Talk: The Problem with Off the Beaten Track Places

The hole in the wall bar might hold special memories for one person, but they’re only that person’s memories. The next punter along won’t necessarily feel the same... [Read More]

On the Menu: How to Give a Parisian Snack a Sex Change

What I didn’t know until we spent a few hours in Montparnasse in Paris was the croque-monsieur can have its sex changed by the flip of a fish slice... [Read More]

Checking In: Hotel Jardin Tecina on La Gomera

Wherever you’ve been in the Canary Islands I can guarantee it will not be able to match Hotel Jardín Tecina for the sheer beauty and tranquillity of its surroundings... [Read More]