The Island that Charmed a Prince – Hvar

LucerneA good way to arrive in Hvar town is from above. A path from the 16th century Spanish Fortress on the hill above the town winds its dappled way through ancient fortress walls, cypress trees and wild flowers to emerge on the narrow and leafy back streets… [Read More]


Food & Drink: Tasting Swiss Wine

It’s during a hasty wine tasting session at Chateau De Villa in the sunshine town of Sierra in the Valais region of Switzerland that I discover something profoundly disappointing about myself... [Read More]

Travel: What Are the Travel Trends for 2014?

Backpackers are on the decline, more and more people are using online sources to check out information about potential holiday destinations and the number of young people who describe themselves as tourists rather than travellers has rocketed...[Read More]

Review of Hotel Victor in Beauvais

In less than an hour after landing we were dragging our luggage through Place Jeanne Hachette to book into the Hotel Victor. Its cosy looking brasserie with funky jazz sounds looked exactly the sort of place we wanted to plonk ourselves down to enjoy our first taste of French food and wine... [Read More]