Drinks Around the World, Feni in Goa

Feni has a distinctive flavour (smell) for sure with cashew being slightly less likely to mug your nostrils than coconut. But, unless you’re a feni aficionado, the reality is that a good whiff of either before a gurning competition and you’re coming home with the gold medal. […]

Costa Brava

Take Flight over Costa Brava

We’ve chosen the perfect day for our flight. The wind is light, the sky a cloudless expanse of blue, borrowed and intensified by the surface of the Balearic Sea which spills its colour onto the shore of Roses beach as we fly overhead… […]

Costa Brava

Beautiful Besalú

When it comes to stunning settings, Besalú steals a march on most. Not only is the medieval town sited amidst Constable-esque countryside on the banks of the Fluvia River, but its main access is via a magnificent, 12th century, Romanesque bridge… […]