The Best of Rural Accommodation on Gran Canaria

Whilst we enjoy the occasional splash out on a stylish modern hotel with more amenities than a decent sized town, we really prefer smaller, more intimate places that have oodles of character. When we visited Gran Canaria we were fortunate to get to stay and eat at some fabulous rural houses and hotels that were right up our quaint and quirky little street.

The problem with smaller hotels is that only having a limited number of rooms means that somebody, sometime is going to end up disappointed when all the rooms have been snapped up.

However, when there’s a load of interesting and gorgeous fincas, historic buildings and plantation houses to choose from, then disappointment can be sent on its way.

These are some of our favourite rural places to stay on Gran Canaria.

Hotel Rural Las Calas

Hotel Rural Las Calas, Gran Canaria
A real treat of a retreat just outside the town of La Vega de San Mateo. Las Calas’ nine rooms are the stuff of dream romantic getaways; rustic and cosy but modern at the same time. More like having your own little house. The main building, where meals are taken and which has a small honesty bar, is also a stunner.  Las Calas also has a swimming pool, a life sized model cow and some seriously cute and friendly canines. [Read our full review]
Hotel Rural Las Calas, La Vega de San Mateo, Double rooms with breakfast from €96.

El Caserío de San José de Las Vegas

El Caserio de San Jose, Gran Canaria
This one really is like having your own home in the grounds of a working finca that covers 40,000 square metres. The three rural houses here are so imaginatively designed that you’ll want to redecorate your house when you return home –  I did anyway. The houses are 2 kilometres from the centre of Santa Brigida, a meal at the Escuela Santa Brigida is a must, so convenient for exploring Las Palmas as well as Gran Canaria’s rural side. The family who run it also have the most cuddle-some St. Bernard, a lovely creature… until it sits on your foot.
El Caserío de San José, Camino Viejo de San José, 25, contact owner for prices.

Finca Las Longueras

Finca Las Longueras, Gran Canaria
The red house is a colonial charmer located outside of Agaete in a spot that is perfect for setting off on some outstanding hiking trails. It feels like it belongs in another era; the house itself is interesting to explore as are the orchards and gardens it’s set in. The rooms are steeped in history and once you know who’s stayed there, it makes you wonder just who else has occupied the bed you’re snoozing in. [Read the full review]
Finca Las Longueras, Valle de Agaete s/n, Double room with breakfast from €96.

La Hacienda del Buen Suceso

La Hacienda del Buen Suceso, Gran Canaria
Another dreamy rural hotel, this one in so romantic a setting that weddings are regularly held there.  La Hacienda del Buen Suceso has been about since 1572, starting life as a centre for producing cochineal, then sugar cane, coffee and now bananas… as well as being a special place to stay. There are 18 rooms with styles that bring the traditional look into the 21st century without losing any of ye olde charm. La Hacienda del Buen Suceso also has a jacuzzi room straight out of a Russell Flint painting and meals are taken in the old tool shed – it’s a lot more comfortable than it sounds.
La Hacienda del Buen Suceso, Ctra. De Arucas a Bañaderos, km 1; double rooms from €115.

Hotel Rural El Mondalón

Hotel Rural El Mondalon, Gran Canaria
Located within the Bandama Natural reserve and a 15 minute drive from Las Palmas, Hotel Rural El Mondalón is further evidence that Gran Canaria excels at taking old buildings and giving them a contemporary perk up that not only maintains the spirit and style of the original look, but probably improves it. You could say that I really liked the rooms here. With a restaurant run by larger than life chef, Pepe Gonzales, producing superb Canarian meals in his own inimitable style and a wine producing bodegón this is a good choice for people who enjoy hiking, wining and dining.
Hotel Rural El Mondalón, Carretera de Los Hoyos; double rooms from €82.

Hotel Roca Negra

Hotel Roca Negra, Gran Canaria
The Hotel Roca Negra doesn’t have the visual charm of the rural accommodation listed above. It’s a small modern hotel set above Puerto de las Nieves, a small fishing village known for the Dedo de Dios (God’s Finger), which was broken off during tropical storm Delta in 2005, and the place to catch the Fred Olsen Ferry to Tenerife. What’s interesting about the hotel is that it has been developed in a way that is respectful of the environment and is built into the volcanic  rock. What is highly commendable about the Hotel Roca Negra is the management have a commitment to using only social media and the internet to advertise. They don’t advertise in print. This is a unique policy in the Canary Islands where the power of the internet is still to be recognised. The amusing side to this is that non-internet savvy locals (of which there are many) are totally bemused, and slightly suspicious, as to how the hotel fills its rooms.
Hotel Roca Negra, Puerto de las Nieves; double rooms from €139.

Parador Cruz de Tejeda

Pool at Cruz de Tejeda Parador, Gran Canaria
There are more attractive looking rural hotels on Gran Canaria than the Parador Cruz de Tejeda but, WOW, what a location. The rooms are nice but it’s the wide balconies that are extra special. Sit with a bottle of local vino and simply soak up the big country. The Parador Cruz de Tejeda has more than just views to recommend it; you step outside the door into great walking country; the food is more imaginative than some other Canary Island Paradors and a pool that extends into the pines is just an exquisite touch. [Read the full review]
Parador Cruz de Tejeda; Cruz de Tejeda; double rooms from €128.

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  1. With the exception of El Caserío de San José de Las Vegas, I’ve stayed at all of these. It’s really difficult to pick out a favourite. The Parador’s setting is truly stunning. But so is the Hotel Rural Fonda de la Tea in downtown Tejeda.

  2. I agree Matthew, they all offer something different. We were supposed to stay at the Fonda de la Tea but it closed for holidays the week that we arrived. Still, the parador as a replacement was no hardship 🙂

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