Love-Locked in Benidorm

“These locks have been put here by lovers,” says Juan, pointing to what I had taken to be a piece of modern sculpture. “They write their names on the lock, seal it and then throw away the key. It symbolises the permanence of their love.” […]


Food and Drink in Benidorm

As you’d expect with a resort the size and popularity of Benidorm, you can literally take your pick of menus from around the world. From fast food to gourmet, Argentinian to Thai and pinchos to paella there’s something to satisfy every palate. […]


Top Things to do in Benidorm

Tempting though it may be to spend your entire holiday moving between the sun soaked beaches of Playas Levante and Poniente, and the fun filled Avenidas D’Alcoi and Madrid, somewhere in between a golden tan and saddle bag brown there’s a different world waiting to be discovered. This is my pick of the best of that world: […]

Food & drink

Frozen Yoghurt, Love at First Bite

On a recent visit to Benidorm, I was encouraged by my fellow travel bloggers to try frozen yoghurt. Not only is it not as unhealthy as ice cream, I was assured, but it’s also sold with a huge variety of fresh and puréed fruit making it positively healthy. […]