Bite Me, Café Aviz in Porto

It might not be the sort of establishment you’d head to for a special meal, but settling into a seat at the Café Aviz in Porto is like slipping on a comfortable old jacket. Within minutes of grabbing an empty seat on a chilly December night we knew Café Aviz was destined to become a favourite.

Cafe Aviz, Porto

It simply oozes with honest, down to earth character and is filled with Porto patrons of varying ages.

This is the sort of place where when you spot what everyone else is tucking into, you tell the waitress ‘I’ll have what they’re eating’.

What they’re eating is invariably a francesinha. If you’ve visit Porto and not tried a francesinha yet… what were you thinking about? This is one of the world’s great sandwiches.

Francesinha, Cafe Aviz, Porto

If you’re English, the Café Avis has the added attraction of screening Premier League matches and if you’re Scottish, it also seems to have an affinity with the SPL as well. But don’t think for a second this is a restaurant aimed at British tourists. Cafè Aviz is Porto in character through and through.

Even if you don’t want a meal, it’s an atmospheric joint for popping into for a glass of port, a bottle of vinho verde, a coffee and a cake or a beer – or, because it’s so cosy, all of those things.

We love it.

Where? Rua do Aviz, 27 – in the side streets near the Plaça de Liberdade and Hotel Internacional

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