Croatia After Dark in Photos

When darkness falls, places change their personality and looks. To get the feel of any destination, it’s essential to wander the streets and explore alleys at night as well as during the hours of daylight.

Croatia just happens to be one of those places that is beautiful whatever the light is doing.

Chilling in Hvar Town

Hvar Town, Hvar, Croatia
Some folks are divided about Hvar Town’s charms. It does cater for the yachting scene but in May at least there’s quite a laid back sophisticated vibe going on… even if Sex Bomb is blasting out of a seafront bar. Its overwhelming prettiness acts as an antidote to dodgy music.

Cool Korcula

Sundown on Korcula, Croatia
We didn’t have the best weather in Korcula and Vela Luka didn’t seduce us in the same way as the other places we visited in Croatia. But the sunset was hypnotic, turning everything an aloof metallic silver before softening into midnight blue.

Golden Krk

Krk Town, Krk, Croatia
Krk Town at night looked as though Midas had touched it; the old town is a maze of enticing narrow alleys and cobbled streets.

Being Seen in Zadar’s Bar Scene

Bar Scene, Zadar, Croatia
Being a university city, Zadar has a great bar scene set around a network of narrow old streets. It’s clear from the position of the seats and benches that they’re ideal for people watching… or even dog watching by the looks of it. And if anyone is wondering why no mention of the famous sunset, it’s because sunset in Zadar deserved a blog to itself.

Magnificent Mljet

Sunset on Mljet, Croatia
Simply one of those locations that has you sighing blissfully whatever the time of day or night it is.

Dubrovnik After Dark

Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia
Relax, after nightfall you don’t have to breathe in to squeeze through the cruise excursions who storm the old town during the day. When it comes to appearance Dubrovnik by night is like Dubrovnik by day – exquisite looking.

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  1. As usual, a lovely collection of photos Jack. And I´m just wondering if Andrea has one of the most photographed backsides in Christendom? I think I´d know it anywhere now!

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