Isn’t She Divine? Scotland’s Metal Mermaid

You either love her or loathe her but one thing’s for sure, you can’t ignore her.

“What the hell is that?” The vision of  a 33 feet woman/mermaid/siren glistening and twinkling in the sun like a disco mirror-ball in human form overlooking the A80 in Cumbernauld, Scotland nearly had me choking on my haggis pie.

It was Arria or, more commonly, the Metal Mermaid, Scotland’s answer to Gateshead’s Angel of the North created by the talented sculptor Andy Scott. Arria’s curvaceous figure pays homage to the reason Cumbernauld is called Cumbernauld which in Gaelic is cumer nan allt – the coming together of waters.
It cost £250,000 of public funds to create her, a fact that has come in for some criticism…but then money spent on art always does.

Personally, I was smitten by her. She’s sexy and slightly unnerving at the same time. Her outstretched arms could either be welcoming you to her bosom or luring you to a watery grave and she sparkles seductively even if the weather’s grim. She also reminds me a bit of Dusty Springfield.

I’m a fan of outrageous follies and Arria is certainly outrageous.

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    • LOL. Pure chance. Just happened to drive past her. There were six other Scots around me and not one had a clue who she was. But then they also had to be told what the Willie Wallace monument was by my nephew’s German girlfriend (shame on them).

      I think she’s fab.

  1. I think she is fab. I blow her a kiss everytime i pass her (twice a week) and she keeps me safe whilst i’m traveling from Glasgow to Edinburgh… :*

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