Photo Feature, Alone At Sea

A man stands alone on a rock contemplating the night whilst restless Atlantic rollers swirl and crash around his feet, threatening to sweep him away. This mysterious figure has an air of a latter day King Canute about him but what the hell was he doing there?

Trying to impress the girls, that’s what he was doing there. On a hot summer night whilst most people were bumping and grinding to a live band just out of sight on the rocks to the left, a few Jackass inspired muchachos attempted to tame the torrents by swimming across a channel in the rocky coastline, coaxed on by laughing, bikini clad girls.

However, the rollers were friskier than they’d bargained for. Whilst everyone else aborted the crossing, rather than risk being dashed against the rocks, and scurried back to the safety of dry land…and the bikini babes, this unlucky specimen had to take refuge on a rock where he waited, arms crossed, watching intently until the sea was a bit less ferocious and he was able to make a bid for freedom. It was just long enough for me to set up my mini tripod and capture him on his temporary throne.

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