Shot In Cold Blood, Palamós’ Inspirational Hotel

Shot In Cold Blood

This is a photograph of a couple of old guys preparing to embark on a fishing trip from the harbour of a Spanish seaside resort right? No…wrong.  Okay, clearly it is a photo of a couple of old guys preparing to embark on a fishing trip but there’s something else in the frame that is more interesting; an hotel which should have the imagination of avid readers well and truly captured.

That unassuming looking hotel straight above the head of the fisherman in the blue shirt is the Hotel Trias in Palamós in Costa Brava. Not only is it a monument to the glamorous days of the silver screen (Ava Gardner and David Niven both added a touch of Hollywood class to its corridors), it is also the location where ood

It’s little things like this that ring my bell. Perhaps I fantasise that by gazing starstruck at the spot where a unique piece of literature was created, some of the inspiration that flowed from Capote’s pen may rub off. It is a vain hope, but I fancy, just by setting eyes on the Hotel Trias, I could almost feel the faintest trace of the presence of Capote and that sensation, like a visit to Salvador Dalí’s house a couple of days later, brought those degrees of separation thrillingly closer.

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